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Before and after care 

Before your appointment day :

Make sure your hair is at least 2 mm long 
  • If you have been previously shaving, please allows 3 weeks to avoid 2nd hair growth

  • Avoid sun/ solarium exposure for 48 hours before being waxed

  • On the day of your appointment. Avoid tight clothing after waxing, especially in the waxed areas. As tight clothing may cause irritation and ingrown hairs

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Our Clients Say

Men’s waxing

"Had an amazing full body wax with Anastida. Latest waxing methods used. No red marks, no bruising and great feel skin. May take a fraction longer but the result was amazing. Unbelievable attention to detail and comfortable through the whole process. Anastida is very professional and explains the waxing procedure. Highly recommend Anastida and her waxing process to any men."

Charlie R.

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